Saturday, January 31, 2009

Family Karaoke Night

Walker FINALLY decided it might be fun to hang out with us in the music room last night. He's usually dead set against it and makes us feel terrible about having any fun without him. But last night was different. We spent time first planning his "pinewood derby" car for boy scouts. After that Walker said he didn't want us to go sing. We don't usually on a Friday anyway, but since he brought it up we decided it sounded like a good idea. Scott and I are so evil! I made Walker the "official photographer" letting him use my new camera. He had a great time. He and Scott even did a couple of little comedy routines. Walker mostly said, "Yeah, like an idiot." But it was funny and seemed to work with whatever the theme was.

Walker being a little ham.
Beginning stages of the pinewood derby car.

Planning the pinewood derby car.

Walker took this one. I never would have thought to, but it's a good one. This is one of the binders I made that catalogs our music. Apparently, I had a lot of free time on my hands over Christmas vacation.
Scott and Walker - the standup comedy team.

He looks cute adjusting his mic.
Thinks he's funny.

The actually are funny together. Sorta the kid version of Cheech and Chong.

Walker took this. Don't know what I was looking at. Shaggy hair day. At least it's shiny. Sue gave me a new shampoo and conditioner that she hated but I like it. It's Garnier Fructis. Thanks Susie.

We took this of ourselves. Looks it. Our eyes are the same color.
We only missed one day of school this week due to snow. Some districts are going longer into the summer. Our district came up with a great plan where we won't have to go longer in the year. They're adding 10 minutes to the beginning of the day and 10 to the end. It won't really affect anything for us, but does meet the state standard for school days. So, I think it was a good solution. Have I mentioned we are halfway to summer? I miss camping. I'm ready to be warm all the time. I'm going around with my fingers frozen all the time these days. Even immediately after working out at the gym and I'm sweaty I still feel cold. Gotta wrap up in big sweaters and dream about Sandals, St. Lucia. If I win the lottery that is where I'm going first.

Walker took this picture of Morgan. She's a cutie. I can't believe she will be 9 this summer.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Indoor fun

Monday was a school holiday so we met Braydon and his mom at Party Playland in Hampstead. It's a cool "bouncy house" place. It's like a big warehouse area with 6 different bouncy set-ups. They especially loved this slide.

Braydon and Walker hamming it up.

They wanted me to take these pictures for "their" girlfriend, Ashley. I printed out a few for Walker to take to school, but he said they were too afraid to give them to her.

Silly kids. Walker's good at making funny faces.

Walker and Daddy boxing in the kitchen last weekend.

Boxing soon turned into wrestling.

We spent 7 hours driving to and from Providence, Rhode Island last Sunday. Why so long? It was a very bad snowstorm. It was supposed to stop, or at least not be as bad as it was. We went to an open audition for Walker with a talent and modeling agency. He loves that stuff and really wants to be in the business, so we try to take advantage of any opportunities we hear about. It was a long ride, though. Yuck. He did well in the audition. Maybe we'll hear something. Maybe not. We'll keep trying. He wants to be a model for Kohl's catalogs.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twilight - too scary for Walker

I just finished the 2nd book in the "Twilight" series. I'm loving it. I got started because I'd heard that it was the best thing since Harry Potter. Walker wanted me to read it to him, but I thought I'd read it myself first. If it was good, I'd read it as fast as I wanted. If it was inappropriate I wouldn't read it to him. So, I finished the first one. Walker wanted to know what it was about. I told him about the love story between the human and the vampire. Nothing scary, no death and destruction (I left that part out). Suddenly, he is afraid of vampires. He doesn't want to be left alone in a room at night. Last weekend I made him a garlic clove necklace and he wore it. He felt much better. He also wore my big cross of nails. So he was doubly safe. Funny what sticks in their minds. I will not be reading this series to him. I have not discussed the werewolves from the next book with him. I can't wait to read the 3rd book. I'm anxiously awaiting Bella to be bitten and made immortal. Good story.
We've been busy. Walker is back to hip hop. Boy Scouts is also taking up some time. We've been doing a lot of play dates. His friend, Braydon, is coming over today after school. We've got Gage's 7th birthday party on Saturday. Walker's birthday invitations are all made out and ready to go, but I thought it was a little early for sending yet. The party isn't until Feb. 21. I can't believe he is going to be 7 already! The time just flies by.
I'm into the 2nd semester at Andover School of Ballet. We are halfway to summer now. We'll be gearing up for recital soon. Busy times ahead.

Here is Walker wearing his garlic necklace and his nail cross.

He should be safe from vampires now.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2009. Whoever would have thought? Years ago I remember thinking about how old I'd be in 2000. I always thought, "Wow! That'll be really old." I imagined I'd never be able to do anything ful at all, ever again, being THAT old. Funny how time changes perspective.

We had a very casual New Year's Eve. It started snowing early in the morning and we got another 6 inches or so. Later in the day it started to slow down and the 3 of us were able to get to Hawaiian Isles Chinese Restaurant. Yummy. Walker saw and partook of his first pupu platter. He loved the fire in the middle! We went to bed at 10, but I did sneak back up to watch the ball drop with Scott.

Walker had his first sleep-over that was not at a relatives house. What a big boy! It was harder for me than him. He slept at Gage's house. Gage and his brother each had a friend sleep over, so it was a crazy house for their mom, Tina. She took the 4 of them to Friendlies Restaurant, then bowling, then called to ask if Walker could sleep over. I ended up driving a suitcase over there so Walker would have everything he needed. He had a good time.

Speaking of sleep-overs, Walker slept over at Auntie Sue's last night. She took Walker and Kaylee to ice skating then Walker called to see if he could sleep over there. I must be the overnight bag express delivery service. I dropped off his bag and a movie. He called in the morning wanting to come home and play Halo with Daddy. He'll be sleeping over there again tonight. We are having an adults only party here to celebrate my birthday (2 days early). Jonathan and Kaylee are babysitting. They have a little cake and some party snacks so they can celebrate over there. Here will be Sue and Donnie, Steven and Coreen and Lisa (not sure if she'd bringing her husband). The count-down is on to 6PM.

We're not ready to go back to work and school Monday. None of us is ready to get out of vacation mode. Yet, I actually think Walker is ready because he's getting bored. He does want to see his friends. He has only had 1 day of school in the past 4 weeks due to his pneumonia then the school being closed for a week due to the power outages. Nice, long vacation.

I go back to work Monday too and so does Scott. Next Saturday begins "peek" week at Andover School of Ballet. Unfortunately, it is the 1st day back from vacation for all our Saturday classes, so we don't really have time to prepare for the peek week (when the parents are invited to come into the classroom and I become a public speaker). Fun. Just 5 months until summer vacation. I'm looking forward to camping. I love my work, but I love vacation even more. Guess it wouldn't be vacation if we did this all the time, but still...

Some Christmas day shots...

Walker and Grammie. Walker is wearing his new Simpson's t-shirt.

Walker opened up the gift from Daddy and was amazed to see the Milennium Falcon. The REALLY BIG ONE. He loves it.

Grampie came with this HUGE red bag full of presents.
Walker and Nanny.
And a couple pictures from the night Walker slept at Gage's. When Walker's away, Mom and Dad play...