Thursday, July 31, 2008

At our "Whit's End"

We were camping from last Wednesday to Sunday. It was "extreme" camping with monsoon rains and a nearby tornado. We made it through 2 nights of that stuff and settled in for some sun and fun. It's always fun, no matter what the weather. Like everything, it's what you make it! The company and food were great the whole time. Whit's End is a great campground. We will definitely make it a yearly trip. If you go to the camp map check out site R15. It's river front and the owners were nice enough to let us put both our pop-ups on one site so we could actually camp WITH our friends. Very accomodating. Very big site, so we didn't feel squished, even with lots of kid stuff, bikes, clotheslines, shoes floating away, etc.
We were camping with our friends, Coreen and Steven and their 2 girls Amanda (11) and Lilyin (5). In our camper were me, Scott, Walker and Kaylee (11).
Coreen was so nice to send me the following pictures. Mine, of course won't be developed for another month or so. I still have to pick up the pictures from our first trip this year to Danforth Bay with Sue and Donnie and the kids. Those pictures will be coming soon.

Scott and Steven relaxing the first night.

Walker, Lilly, Amanda and Kaylee down the bank to the Bear Camp River. You could fall down this if you weren't careful. This was before the big flood. The water rose to just about 2 feet below the "cliff." They weren't able to get down there again.

Haning by the fire. Steven, Coreen with Walker, Kaylee with Lilly, me with Amanda. Scott took the picture. The tent in the background was our "changing room." After the first night there were a few puddles in there and we had to be careful where to put the luggage. Next time we get a camper we'll actually think about things like luggage and storage. Who wants to put up a tent with a camper. Pain in the neck. This was a very fun trip. Even if we were all very wet for a long time.