Friday, November 03, 2006

Ebay Harrassment

I've been getting messages from a supposedly upset Ebay customer. This customer uses inappropriate language and accuses me of not sending him/her an item that he/she has paid me for. The thing is, I have NEVER even signed on to Ebay. I'm thinking this is an attempt to get me to sign up to it as whenever I try to respond to this message (3rd time I've received it) I can not reply unless I sign in or up to Ebay. I don't want to do this. But it's stupid and irratating. It's not a big problem in the grand scheme of things, of course, but a little irritation each and every time I sign on to my private email account. I keep a separate email on yahoo for all the crap emails and junk, but this Ebay is coming to my private one and it's making me angry. I know, if I have nothing else to be angry about things must be pretty good. They are, but still, I'd like a day without having to see this angry email directed at me which shouldn't be directed at me. Anyway...

I waited in line in the the McDonald's drive-through this morning for 10 minutes. That's a bit extreme. I'd just told myself if we didn't move an inch before 8:25 I'd just leave (this was after placing my order). By the time I got the order I felt I really aggravated. I don't leave enough time for that sort of delay. I was running late this morning anyway, hadn't had time to eat at home, thus the need to stop for a quick coffee and food. I ordered what used to be my favorite breakfast there (until today), a McGriddle sandwhich. I ordered it with no egg, just sausage and cheese. I got it (after 10 minutes! I know I've already mentioned this) and it had egg on it. OK, easy enough to remove. I hope I didn't pay for the egg I threw away. But the sausage looked undercooked and unappealing. I threw that away too, leaving just the yellow cheese and the muffin part. It wasn't very good at all. I was sickened. Ugh. How disappointing when I'd been looking forward to my junk food "fix."

The good news of today...

After my classes at Andover I left the studio to walk around the corner to Starbucks (I still have gift certificates from students to go there). I passed the Andover Thrift Shop, same as always. I've never been in there before today. Something made me stop and go back. I entered the shop, thinking about how trendy and hip it has become to shop for "vintage" clothing/items. Can I just say, that place is now my favorite store! I found about 10 coats I wanted to buy. The one I actually bought is a beautiful, classic, long, camel hair Lord & Taylor coat. I've seen similar ones in Bazaar and Vogue that are at least $1,000. The price tag said $15!!! I asked at the register if this was really the price and the ladies thought I was complaining that this was too much. I laughed and said, no, I would even give them $20 for that coat. It's been years since I've bought myself a new coat. My winter coats are actually all hand-me-downs from my mom. The are all great, of course, but this is another great one. I even got some clothes for Walker at $.50 each. Wow. I love that place! I've got to go back next week and see what they have for Scott. To think I've been walking right past that store for 2 years!

We've got a play date at the Burger King playplace in an hour. Should be fun. Hopefully, it'll be cleaner and better than last time we were there.