Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Martin Christmas!

We all had a great time for Christmas. We had a total of 12 family members for most of the day. Everyone had fun playing all the new games. Eventually, a few of the brave wandered upstairs to the music room. Seems like it always goes that way.

Nanny having fun listening to John and Scott.

Scott and Rita sang a duet.

John singing, "I'm Too Sexy." It was so funny with him shaking his hips around!

Me and Rita

Joanne and Rita (or Nanny and Grammie)


Mom, rockin' out!

She had a blast!

Singing and dancing.

Grandparents all together now...

Jonathan and Uncle Ed playing the new pool table.

Walker and Nanny in the middle of an intense round of "Connect 4"

Grammie, Grampie, Nanny and Walker at "Connect 4"

Nanny makes her shot in a game vs John.

Grandpa takes his shot.

Yeah! Bakugan.

Christmas cuddle.

Cool Tom Brady shirt.

Just what he wanted - pickes!

Football santa hat.

Christmas Eve