Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rain rain, go away

It was such a great, clear, sunny, warm spring. Now we are into thunderstorms every day.

Scott bought a new shed and started building it yesterday. It was SOOOO hot. Helping was miserable, scorching heat and lots of sweat. That's hard work! We got almost half done and it started to rain, hard. We kept working, glad to be cool for a change. It's not easy to work in the pouring rain. But we kept it up until thunder and lightening were really close and I gave up. I didn't want to be struck. Scott came in too for a little bit. We got some clear weather for a while and went out again until the next T-storm. Today he should be good on his own. He's doing the roof and doors. Not that I don't like to help, but that's more his thing than mine.

The rain all week kept us inside a lot. Not easy now that we have an extra child. I thought (foolishly) that two kids would amuse each other and make my life easier. Not a chance. Even a very good one like Audrey is still difficult. She idolizes Walker, which works to her disadvantage. They bug the heck out of each other. I should have realized. A good play date lasts two hours maximum. Audrey is with us from 5:45AM until 3:30 PM. All I do is break up fights. Walker has been doing better, though. He'll just tell me he needs time to himself and goes up to play Webkinz world. They seem to do better if we are away from the house or outside. We're doing a lot of book reading, art projects and school work so they are both ready to return to school in the fall. Then in two weeks they both start dance classes, so that'll also give us something fun to do.

Walker is sleeping over Auntie Sue's tonight. I thought he was having Kaylee sleep here, but when he called I heard him ask if he could sleep over there. So that'll give me a little unexpected "free time." Maybe we can go out to a grown up restaurant tonight. Maybe we'll do some recording. Scott has figured out all his new audio recording equipment. We haven't really had a chance to use it yet, so tonight could be the night.

Here is my little friend Lily in the dressing room before her dance in show 6.

"Walking on Sunshine." Lily's sister Amanda, 2nd from right. They are the girls of my dear friend, Coreen. This was their competition tap piece.

Me and Amanda before show 6.

Here are some of the beautiful iris that bloomed on the patio. I love iris.
Last day of kindergarten. Tyler, Nolan, Walker and Gage. A little blurry, but hard to get the 4 of them to stay still!
Walker in the pool. We think we will use this picture for Walker's pool party invitation. Possibly another one as well.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6 Months Ago... Walker's Birthday Party

I finally got some pictures of Walker's birthday developed and scanned. The fun of using film! What a surprise it is when I finally get some pictures back. These are from Walker's birthday back in February, when he turned six. It was a fun party. It was a two-parter. The first part was Walker and all his friends for fun and games at the studio. After that party the big kids came back to the house for a sleepover. Check it out...

The morning of the big day - Scott and I gave Walker his new bike. He rode it in the house for about 3 weeks (it was still very wet and snowy outside back in February).

The party is just getting started with the "Walking Song." Gotta get everyone warmed up. Walker is in the red shirt next to his big-kid friend, Danny (in orange)

After the games we came into the party room (at the studio) for cake. Danny, Walker, Audrey.

At the studio, waiting for the other guests: Scott, Marie (Dad's friend), Walker, my mom.

Back at our house for party, party 2. The big boys played X-Box 360, Jonathan, Danny & Walker.

Later the four of them (these all stayed the night) wrote a play, then got costumes and make-up then we video taped it. I told Danny I'd put it on You-Tube. He was horrified. I wish I had the technology to do stuff like that. Here are Danny (long, dark hair), Kaylee (blond back of head), Amanda and Walker

Danny, Amanda, Kaylee and Walker in the bathroom, getting ready for their "show." Notice Walker's very red lips.

I feel much better now that this is up. Now I can move on to more current topics, like getting up at 5:30AM every day. More on that later.