Sunday, April 19, 2009

The fun never stops

Busy days lately. Now we're into baseball. We've got practice 3 times a week. We've got to fit that in with boy scouts and hip hop (not to mention my work, Scott's work and school). Everything is going so quickly lately. Summer will be nice. Time to slow down and relax.
Studio life this time of year is crazy with everything recital (ticket sales, costumes, choreography, rehearsals, music, programs, chaperone finding, dance photos!). I'm done with all my dances. Good. That's a HUGE relief to me. Trying to finish 15 dances makes me feel like I have homework all the time until it's done. So now it is all done and I'm very happy about that. I like all my dances and think the kids do too. I've actually got one more dance still in the works but it's not for recital, so it's not "time sensitive." The one that is not finished is for my new adult jazz class that we just started 6 weeks ago. We're doing a 10 week session in Andover for adults. It's fun. I like to add on a little bit to that dance every week, but since we're not performing that piece it's more fun than work for me. Something different for me, choreographing for adults. It's fun and good, but I'm still ready for summer!
Here are some pictures of a sleepover a couple weeks ago - Walker's best friend, Gage, slept over and they actually sang some karaoke with us and LIKED IT. A first for Walker. See, parents can be FUN!

Gage and Walker singing to Spongebob music. Matching Spongebob pj pants were the "costume" of the evening.

Scott's not too sure about this. You can see how good the boys are by this look.

They're really getting into it.

Future rock star?

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Green House

I noticed the first flowers of spring today in our yard.

We started our green house a couple of weeks ago. We planted carrots, peas, wax beans, green beans, strawberries, and some flowers: sunflowers, marigolds, lavendar, hosta. It was nice to get into the warmth of the green house. Now we have to remember to water every day. We have it on the timer to heat during the dark hours. It still gets really cold at night. Yesterday there was ice on the bird bath in the morning. I plan to can a lot of veggies this year. It'll be nice to have them rather than have to buy them at the market next winter. I'll be a regular earth mother all summer. Walker can help and he can learn all about it too.

Scott being a little goofy over the planting.

Walker mixing up the soil and water. Then he's being goofy too.

Kaylee Slept Over!

We finally got Kaylee for a sleep over again. It'd been quite a while. Everyone is so busy with their own activities. We made it happen last Saturday night. She is such a good kid. She and Walker have always gotten along really well. Now at 11 she is still making time for him. So good of her. When I picked her up after work Saturday afternoon we went to the market and she got to pick out the snacks. No more peanut allergy so that is good! I think it was a rough couple of years for her, since she loves peanutbutter so much. Now she can finally eat it again.

Saturday night they watched movies and played with Legos.

Kaylee is really good with Legos.
Sunday we went for a "Mystery Ride." They didn't know where we were going but I did. Fun. We ended up at the SSC, the See Science Center in Manchester, NH. I'd never been there. It was really fun. It has a HUGE Lego model of downtown Manchester. I could have looked at it for so long. It was really cool. Must have taken years to complete. I was bummed because I forgot my camera. The following were taken with my phone. They came out alright, though.

Gear center. They were all magnetic. You could get them all to work together if you tried. Walker did not really have the attention span for that, though. He wanted to run all over and see what else there was to see.

Cool mirror room.

Pulley chairs.

Air ball. They had different size and weight balls and this air thing. Each ball stayed up or bounced on it differently.

The task was to get all these large nails on top of the red pole. We had NO IDEA until we looked at the cheat notes.

Super big bubble maker.

The Millyard in Manchester. All Lego, with running train, trolley, little amusement park and running water.

These pictures just can't do this project justice. It was amazing.

Have I mentioned this Lego Manchester is really cool and big?!
Sunday morning we got up and did our 4th annual Easter Egg coloring. Kaylee has always done it with us.

They have to reach as far away from themselves as possible. I guess that's what makes it so much fun.
Egg dunk.
Almost done and then the finished product. They turned out great! Each year the kids spend a little longer with the project. At the end they were mixing all the colors together.
Walker served his eggs to Scott for a snack. Yummy!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring is here...

I can tell it is spring. The snow is gone. Walker is wearing a windbreaker and flying his kite. We've started riding our bikes again. Summer can't be far behind. Except that right now it is pretty chilly. I'm up here at the computer with a nice, hot cup of coffee.
It's been busy lately. Walker started Intramurals at school. He loves it. They play a lot of games and run around and get nice and sweaty. We were lucky to get into that program. Only 20 first graders got in and he was one of them. Yay! He was so excited. The only downside to it is that it is on Tuesday - like everything else he does. We go from that to Hip-Hop, then cub scouts. We always hope there is no homework assignment on Tuesdays!
Baseball starts soon. Saturday morning is the team photo. Walker is on the "Owlz." It's a step up from t-ball - "farm league." Last year we did not have a good experience with t-ball, but that wasn't our fault. The coach and her son weren't wonderful. This year Walker's cub scout leader is the baseball coach! That guy is awesome. Most of his cub scout den will also be on the team, so we know the boys and families. It'll be fun. I'm looking forward to it. This year is the first time he gets the complete uniform. Last year it was just the t-shirt and hat. Now it's that plus the pants and baseball socks. He'll be so cute!
Only 6 more weeks of dance classes (not including vacation, but hey that's vacation). I'm almost on summer vacation! As much as I love dance, I love summer even more. We are all looking forward to camping.

Here are Walker and some buddies at the Pinewood Derby. They made their race cars and then raced them. We didn't win, though. Which is actually a good thing, because then we didn't have to go to yet another meeting to the state finals. But we didn't tell Walker that.

Ready, set, go.

Walker's hair is getting really long. We colored the underneath of the back red. He's wanted to do it for a long, long time. We finally had some time to do it. It looks cute. I like it long. Obviously, Walker does too. It's his hair, he can do what he wants with it (to a point!). Scott doesn't like it.

Walker in hip-hop right before the pinewood derby. You can't even see the red hair from the front.