Friday, September 18, 2009

Cape Cod Trip

We finally made it to Cape Cod this summer. It was great to see Uncle Frank! Sue and I took Kaylee and Walker for two nights in August. Too bad our "big boys" couldn't make it. Dad was there too and we all had a blast! We went down on a Tuesday and home on Thursday so we avoided the crazy, weekend traffic. We came home the same day they were bringing Ted Kennedy's body to Boston. Luckily, we made it off the Cape before they shut the highways down (for security). If we'd waited until after lunch time to come home we would have been stuck in traffic for SO LONG.
Kaylee and Walker in Uncle Frank's living room.
The secret place, up the ladder in the living room.
Walker and Uncle Frank having a nice, morning conversation.
At the Chatham Bars Inn for drinks.
Kaylee and Sue at the Chatham Bars Inn. Great place, right on the beach.
Kaylee and Walker on the trampolines.
Walker on the bumper boats.
Dad and Sue at the bumper boats.
Sue at Franks.
Dad and Sue. You can see the ladder for the secret place in the background.
Dad and the morning paper.
Dad and Frank. Walker on the comper.
At Skaket beach.
Kaylee on her laptop.
French fries on the beach.
Computer at Franks.
Snow cone at the beach.
Dad and Uncle Frank at Skaket Beach.

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