Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We woke up to find we'd had a visit from leprechans! They scattered "leprechan gold" all over the house. They also caused quite a bit of mischief by overturning chairs and putting things where they didn't belong. They left M&Ms too. Quite exciting to find on a Monday morning before school.

Walker, this morning ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The leprechans left him this hat,

We held our 3rd annual Easter Egg coloring event last weekend. Walker and Kaylee love it!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Marching Toward Spring

Scott, Walker, Kaylee and I started a bunch of seeds in the greenhouse. You know spring is coming soon when we start that! We each picked out 2 packs of seeds we wanted at Agway last Sunday. No sprouts yet. We need a new space heater for the greenhouse. The old one is broken and it's been very chilly.

Here are a few pictures Coreen sent me from last summer's camping trip to Eastern Slope. I've got to get them off my desktop (where I keep them until I use them here so as not to forget).

Me and Jonathan at Coreen's site. Our camper is in the background. Corona Light in the foreground.
Sue, Lilly, Me, Steven and Tasha in the Saco River in North Conway. The water was crystal clear and very cold, even in August. Tasha really is wearing a bathing suit even though it doesn't look it. There have been a lot of questions about that.
Steven and Scott working on their tie-dye projects. Who knew tie-dye would be such a big hit with the adults in the group. We scavenged through all our stuff for anything that we could use: sports bras, socks, washcloths, shorts.
Mandy working on her project, Tommy in the blue and red and Walker's bare belly in the background.
Have I mentioned that I like camping?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

March - In Like a Lion

Happy March! Spring is just around the corner. I'm so glad we had a storm on March 1. Doesn't that mean the weather should be calm, warm and beautiful toward the end of the month? Scott says the farmer's almanac predicts another 12 storms this year. Bring it on! I need a few more snow days.

Walker was able to get out and ride his new birthday bike in the driveway on Friday afternoon. He loves it. It's much bigger than his old bike, so he's getting used to it. He was riding it in the house all week so it was nice to finally get it outside.

Walker on the new bike. His coat even matches.

Walker and Scott snuggled up Friday night.

This is how Walker drinks hot chocolate - he uses a spoon.

Kaylee and Walker making brownies.

Kaylee eating the brownie batter.