Friday, September 05, 2008

End of Summer...

I can tell that summer is nearly over. Kids are back in school, I'm going back to work and the pool is turning green from lack of use. We'll miss summer. We're already missing Water Country.

We were supposed to go to Canobie Lake Park tomorrow with Scott's company. But they called to postpone it, due to the bad weather we are expecting. One of the hurricane's is coming up our way (whatever is left of it anyway). So we don't get to go there. Walker was bummed. I was bummed too, but also a bit glad. I start back to work at Andover tomorrow and am usually exhausted after 5 hours of teaching, never mind running around an amusement park after it. So, personally, it'll work out better for me. Walker and Scott will begin their "Daddy Days" with some light saber fights, wrestling and bike riding instead of Canobie. Walker loves his Daddy days, when I work Saturdays.

I like fall. I like getting back to work and meeting all my new students. I'm excited to start back to class tomorrow! In fact I'm up here at the computer, supposed to be getting music and lesson plans together, but I'm doing this instead. You know how everything else is so important when you have "homework" to do.

You know I love summer and am a real "summer girl" at heart. Only 9 more months until we start summer again. This time NO JOB WHERE I GET UP AT 5:30 EVERY DAY. Here is a look back of some of our summer outings...

Fourth of July Party with the Grandparents at our house

Happy Birthday USA. We had a flag cake and Walker blew out the candles. All 4 grandparents were with us for our cookout/pool party. It was fun.

Walker and Grammie battle it out. Grammie brought over her new water gun.

Grandpa played t-ball with Walker.

We even got Grammie, Grandpa and Nanny to sing karaoke. Grampie wouldn't do it. They weren't too bad.

1st Camping Trip of the Season to Danforth Bay, Freedom NH, with Sue, Donnie, Jonathan and Kaylee

Setting up camp. We liked this campsite. We had a great view of the lake. It only rained once this trip - for only a short time. No floods. We probably should have quit while we were ahead.

Sue and Kaylee in my camper. We were playing cribbage.

The guys enjoy the campfire. Me and Sue sitting around the fire.

Walker and Kaylee. Walker got a new camp chair after this trip. He was disgusted by how small this old chair was. When did he get so big?!

Jonnie and Walker just hanging around.

Lake swimming at Danforth Bay. Nice, clean lake.