Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Dress Rehearsal"

This afternoon we had our Sanborn Dance team fundraiser. This was actually the dress rehearsal for the Steppin' Out Dance Company. Money for them, practice in front of a live audience for us. It was a win-win situation. Now we are just about ready to compete at Danzjam next weekend. These photos are from todays performance.

Walker did great in "In My Own Little Corner." It's a sort of Cinerella story. He's the prince and tries the shoe on a few of the girls in his group. It doesn't end up fitting anyone. He's happy about that. He said he doesn't want to get married anyway. He's a little ham. It was a long day, but fun.
I realized that the costumes for my tap piece are not that flattering for even the best of bodies. Oh well. The "go mom" group had a lot of fun anyway.

Here are a couple from "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree."