Monday, January 08, 2007

January 6 - 72 Degrees!

Here is a picture of us (and my nephew Jonathan) hanging out by the pool on Saturday. It was so warm I can't believe this is January in New Hampshire. We scooped leaves out of the pool. Walker was even pouring water all over himself. Just another crazy Saturday at the pool. If this keeps up we'll have to add chemicals and start the filter up again. This is supposed to be our cold, snowy season. We had to search for our shorts and sandals.

My friend Felice just reminded me of one of the terrible Christmas presents Walker received from Santa. Floam. He's wanted it since first seeing it on Nick Jr. It was so NOT worth the wait. We were all sadly disappointed. It was not at all like the commercial. In the commercial it looks easy to work with, fun to play with. We couldn't even scoop a spoonful out of the tub easily. It was super gluey and wouldn't come off our hands. We couldn't roll it into a ball or stick it on anything. We ended up throwing the tub away after that one experience. Maybe we were supposed to open the tub and let it dry out for a month or so?

Another loosing gift this year was crystal rocks. You know, the kind that grow into small "mountains" from tiny rocks. Unfortunately, the information/direction packet was so scary talking about how toxic the chemicals are, that we dumped the project about 5 minutes into it.

Other, better Christmas gifts included: Labyrinth (the game), Zingo Bingo, Spongebob Monopoly, Spongebob Life, Caribu, Yahtzee, Jenga. He also got action figures, puzzles, cars, Batman costume and more. It's insane the amount of things he got.

It's been difficult getting back to our "real" life. I liked vacation quite a bit. But it's fun going back to classes and being busy again. All we did during vacation was eat and drink (or so it seemed). We also did fun things like "go to the hospital for lunch." That was Walker's fun thing to do during vacation. He loves riding the elevators at the local hospital. The food at Exeter Hospital is actually very good and very well priced. All in all, a fun vacation.