Monday, April 26, 2010

Walker's New Haircut

When we got home from our fun anniversary weekend, Walker decided to have a hair cut. He did that last year too - wanted a hair cut after a weekend away. It's hard to find a place on a Sunday. But again, Super Cuts was open (we even had the same stylist we had last year). I have to say I really like his hair long. But it is not my hair and therefore, not my decision. He wants a cut - who am I to say no to that once a year request!?

Last look at the cool, skater kid look.

Here comes punk rock kid!

He loves his mohawk and colors. The colors are temporary (spray and gel). The cut looks better to me without the hawk.

Triple color hair! Red, green, purple.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

We learned something this weekend - beer should not be put into a blue plastic container. It does not look appealing.

The Sheraton always has nice, comfy beds.

The pool was the best part for Walker.
Eating lunch at the Gaslight Company Restaurant

Tuckered out after 2 hours in the pool.

Walker loved the cool turnstile at the historic graveyard.

Poco Diablo had the best pickles. Walker did the "Great Pickle Odyssey" at each place we went -rating the presentation and taste of pickles (which he loves!). Poco's won for both!

We came too! Walker too this of us at lunch at the Gaslight Co.
We just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Can't believe the time has gone by so quickly. Yet, on the other hand, look at all we have accomplished and built together. Walker has been with us for more than half of those years. He has also managed to get us to include him in on the annual celebration. We love it - we feel our anniversary is a celebration of our family and so naturally, this includes him. Besides, I can't even imagine going to a hotel with a pool and him not being there.
This year we decided to hang out in Portsmouth for the weekend. Again, we had great weather. You never know what you are going to get in April in New England! We stayed at the Portsmouth Sheraton. It was as nice as I'd remembered from our last visit. I just love their bedding. We really love their location - right in the heart of the Market Square area. Everything fun to do is within walking distance - the harbor and tugboats, tons of gift shops (including candy and toy!) lots of museums, historic graveyard and restaurants and microbreweries.
We went to Albacore Park that houses one of the 1st submarines to be built in the USA. I can't believe they had 55 men living onboard. I wish I'd brought my camera on the sub. Scott tried to climb up into the top bunk of a 3 tiered bunkbed unit thing and was SO claustrophobic!
Me and the Albacore.

Walker and Scott at Albacore Park.
The pool was great, though about 10 degrees cooler than it should have been - that and the whole pool area. Room service was yummy (Walker loves room service and it is so much easier to get him to sit nicely for a fancy dinner in a fancy hotel restaurant). We watched "Avatar" on in-room TV. I hadn't seen it, but Scott and Walker had. I thought it was really good. I was also glad I didn't have to watch it in 3D, which gives me a headache.

Walker loved this gift shop with the toilet and fake poop. Nothing like poop to brighten an 8 year old's day! This was a cool store called Macro Polo.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Martin Christmas!

We all had a great time for Christmas. We had a total of 12 family members for most of the day. Everyone had fun playing all the new games. Eventually, a few of the brave wandered upstairs to the music room. Seems like it always goes that way.

Nanny having fun listening to John and Scott.

Scott and Rita sang a duet.

John singing, "I'm Too Sexy." It was so funny with him shaking his hips around!

Me and Rita

Joanne and Rita (or Nanny and Grammie)


Mom, rockin' out!

She had a blast!

Singing and dancing.

Grandparents all together now...

Jonathan and Uncle Ed playing the new pool table.

Walker and Nanny in the middle of an intense round of "Connect 4"

Grammie, Grampie, Nanny and Walker at "Connect 4"

Nanny makes her shot in a game vs John.

Grandpa takes his shot.

Yeah! Bakugan.

Christmas cuddle.

Cool Tom Brady shirt.

Just what he wanted - pickes!

Football santa hat.

Christmas Eve

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cape Cod Trip

We finally made it to Cape Cod this summer. It was great to see Uncle Frank! Sue and I took Kaylee and Walker for two nights in August. Too bad our "big boys" couldn't make it. Dad was there too and we all had a blast! We went down on a Tuesday and home on Thursday so we avoided the crazy, weekend traffic. We came home the same day they were bringing Ted Kennedy's body to Boston. Luckily, we made it off the Cape before they shut the highways down (for security). If we'd waited until after lunch time to come home we would have been stuck in traffic for SO LONG.
Kaylee and Walker in Uncle Frank's living room.
The secret place, up the ladder in the living room.
Walker and Uncle Frank having a nice, morning conversation.
At the Chatham Bars Inn for drinks.
Kaylee and Sue at the Chatham Bars Inn. Great place, right on the beach.
Kaylee and Walker on the trampolines.
Walker on the bumper boats.
Dad and Sue at the bumper boats.
Sue at Franks.
Dad and Sue. You can see the ladder for the secret place in the background.
Dad and the morning paper.
Dad and Frank. Walker on the comper.
At Skaket beach.
Kaylee on her laptop.
French fries on the beach.
Computer at Franks.
Snow cone at the beach.
Dad and Uncle Frank at Skaket Beach.